Steampunk Art Magazine Hello Kitty

Steampunk Art Magazine | Hello Kitty

Yuko Shimizu is the Japanese designer who created Hello Kitty for the Sanrio Company in 1974.  While the original audience for Yuko’s design were pre-teens, in the 1990s Hello Kitty went viral with teens and adults.  Here’s our homage to Yuko and Hello Kitty.


Steampunk Art Magazine | Yuko Shimizu

Oh, dear Yuko Shimizu, artist so bright,

With your magical strokes, you bring worlds to light.

In colors and lines, you weave tales so sweet,

Through your gifted hands, dreams and stories meet.

Hello, dear friend, it’s Kitty who speaks,

With a bow and a smile, my message I seek.

Your creations, they dance like stars in the sky,

Bringing joy to all hearts, as they flutter on by.

In each stroke of the brush, and every design,

A piece of your soul, like a star, does shine.

With innocence captured, and wonder set free,

You’ve painted a world where we all want to be.

Your art is a hug, warm and snug, so tight,

A canvas of feelings, pure and bright.

So, thank you, dear Yuko, for all that you do,

You make the world better with each hue.

With whiskers and charm, and a heart full of glee,

Sending love and respect, straight from me, Kitty.

Continue to paint, to inspire, to play,

In the wonderful world you create every day.



Steampunk Art Magazine | 2023 August

Concept, Photography, AI Prompt Engineer, Retouches | Tom Libertiny
Model | Ko

Steampunk Art Magazine Hello Kitty
Cat and Mouse a homage to Hello Kitty

Image used by permission.

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